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Looking to keep your expenses down? it’s normal to consider whether or not you actually need to hire a lawyer to review a commercial lease you are considering.  It can be too hard to look over the lease yourself, isn’t it?

But hang on, ask yourself the following questions first,

  • Can you afford the additional expenses, in terms of management, insurance, property taxes, parking, maintenance, etc, oscillates from month to month?
  • Do you have the time and the familiarity to look over each and every word of the lease by yourself in case your landlord has tried to twist the lease in his or her interest?
  • Have you ever assumed what would happen if your landlord rented out space in your building to one of your competitors?
  • More significantly, can you get your landlord to change your lease from a net lease to a gross lease?

If you’ve Yes as your answer to all of these questions, then, by all means, forget the lawyer- and consider yourself a lawyer 😊.

And if No (surely you do), here are a few things for you to contemplate:

  1. The very act of hiring a lawyer shows your landlord that you are serious and cannot easily be pushed around or deceived. Landlords will be less likely to overstep knowing you have a lawyer on hand who can and will initiate legal action at the first sign of suspicion.
  2. Commercial leases are typically spanning over 3 to 5 years. It could be a long time if you are stuck with a lease that is twisted to your landlord’s benefit.
  3. Having a lawyer may firstly be an extra expense, they may have the ability to maximize your ROI by saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the years. Therefore, it’s worth seeing, if your lawyer can get you a better deal for the span of your lease.

At Emazon Solicitors, commercial lease review services are more inexpensive than you think, and where you will receive valued advice swiftly and affordably.

Just book a callback now, and WE WILL CALL YOU.

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