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Overstayer in UK

Overstayer is a person who entered into UK with a valid leave to enter or leave to remain but leave runs out and now living without leave. Overstayer is expected to leave UK under the UK Immigration Laws, alternatively he/she is liable to be detained and removed from UK.

If you are an overstayer but you fall in any of the following situations, you may be able to make an application as an overstayer for getting some sort of leave to remain in UK,

  • You have established a family life with a settled person in UK.
  • You have children with a settled person in UK.
  • You have children who are born in UK and lived for 7 years in UK or born abroad but lived half of their life in UK.
  • You are partner, spouse or extended family member of an EEA national who has settled or pre-settled status in UK.
  • You fear a genuine risk to your life, liberties and fundamental  or Human Right and due to that fear you are unable to return to your country.

If any of the above situation applies to you contact dedicated team of professional UK immigration solicitors at The International Solicitors.