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Financial Settlement & Matrimonial Home


Partners with financial assets and property need a settlement before or after divorce. We help our clients to negotiate better financial settlement without going through the court process. There are many factors that need to be considered in a financial settlement.

If there are children involved then some kind of child maintenance will need to be determined as a first step. If both the parents have equal custody and both are making equal contribution for child maintenance they may not need to agree on child maintenance arrangement.

If there are no children involved then partners need to consider for spousal maintenance. In many situation it may be necessary, particularly if one partner never worked outside home during marriage and now need to get training to find a job to support himself or herself.

The final issue which needs to be considered is the division of assets. These could be house, cars, savings, stocks, and valuable collections and items inside the house, or anything that was bought or acquired during the marriage. Our dedicated legal professionals will help, advise and assists our client in out of court settlement and in court process throughout.