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Failed Asylum Seeker


Asylum seeker is a person who is outside his country and due to risk to life, liberties and fundamental Human Rights is unable to return to his/her country of origin. UK immigration rules recognise such person as a refugee. Each years thousands of people make asylum claims in UK, but all are not accepted due to lack of evidence, change of circumstances or credibility of the claimant. Currently there are huge number of failed asylum cases which are categorised as old cases.

If you are a failed asylum seeker and your have following circumstances,

  • You have new evidence which was not available to you at the time of asylum and evidence is relating to your asylum claim and it supports your claim.
  • The circumstances in your country have changed and it is not possible for you to return back to your country safely.
  • You have established a family life with a settled person in UK.
  • You have children with a settled person in UK.
  • You have children who are born in UK and lived for 7 years in UK or born abroad but lived half of their life in UK.
  • You are partner, spouse or extended family member of an EEA national who has settled or pre-settled status in UK.
  • You fear a genuine risk to your life, liberties and fundamental or Human Right and due to that fear you are unable to return to your country.

If any of the above situation applies to you, contact dedicated team of professional UK immigration solicitors at The International Solicitors to make further submissions.